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Tasmota Templates, ESPHome YAML, and other device guides

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Current Flashable or Pre-Flashed Devices

Flashable Smart Devices

These are devices that are Espressif chip based and do NOT require a chip swap. If one of the below devices needs to be removed due to a hardware change please contact us. Need to flash a non-ESP device? Looking for the Beken based Tuya-CloudCutter instructions.

Updated on: September, 1 2023


Switchbot 5 Channel ESP32-C3 Bulb - Template Page
Vont 5 Channel Smart ESP32-C3 Bulb - Template Page
Vont 4 Channel Smart ESP32-C3 Bulb - Template Page
CloudFree 5 Channel Bulb
Kauf 5 Channel BR30
Kauf 5 Channel A21 - Kauf A19 - Kauf A15


Martin Jerry Single Pole Switch TASMOTA Pre-Flashed or Flashable Switch - Template Page
Martin Jerry 3 Way Switch TASMOTA Pre-Flashed (Secondary TuyaMCU unfortunately)
Milfra Single Pole Motion Switch - Template & Setup Guide
Milfra Dual Button Motion Switch - Template & Setup Guide
Kauf PreFlashed LED Panel Switch


Martin Jerry Single Pole Dimmer - Template/Setup Guide
Hamilton Hills Touch Dimmer

Fan Controllers

Martin Jerry Preflashed TASMOTA Fan Controller - Template & Setup Guide
Esmlfe Decora Fan / Dimmer Combo-NOT AVAILABLE - Template & Setup Guide


Switchbot 15A ESP32-C3 Plug - Template Page
Sonoff S31 - Template/Setup
Kauf Plug
Wyze Dual Relay Outdoor ESP32 Plug WLPPO1 - Template/Pictures
GHome 6 Plug Outlet Extender
GHome 3 Plug Power Strip 1 report of it changed to a non-ESP, use caution.
Xuntiy 4 Plug Power Strip
AHRISE 6 Outlet Extender - Template
POWRUI 3 Outlet Extender - Template

LED Controllers

Athom Sound Reactive Pre-Flashed WLED Controller
LEDeez 12-24volt
miniDEEZ 5 volt
Electrodragon LED Controller (get the ESP32-C3 version!)
Electrodragon ESP32 from US


Shelly 1
Shelly Plus 1
Shelly Plus 2PM
Shelly Plus i4

Misc Templates

AHRISE 6 Outlet Extender - {"NAME":"AHRise AHR-085","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,32,544,0,0,225,226,224,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}
POWRUI 3 Outlet Extender - {"NAME":"POWRUI AHR-087","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,225,226,0,0,32,544,0,224,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

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