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What is TASMOTA?

TASMOTA is actually an acronym for Theo Arends Sonoff MQTT OTA back when the project started for the original iTead Sonoff devices such as the famous Sonoff Basic. The TASMOTA firmware is an open source project maintained by several developers on Github. This software is written to the Espressif chips in many different pieces of hardware from light bulbs, light switches, electrical plugs, etc. There are several variants from ESP32, ESP8266, ESP32-C3 etc that manufacturers utilize to create low cost devices in the world of the Internet of Things IOT. The one big issue with this is the dependency of the internet to use your own devices in your home. The TASMOTA project unlocks the devices allowing them to be used locally without the internet while adding many features, enhancing security/privacy, etc.

TASMOTA Procedures

TASMOTA Web Installer - Recommended method

Current Flashable or Pre-Flashed Devices

How to Flash the ESP8266 or ESP32

New Device Procedures - creating a template for a new light bulb, switch, etc.