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Martin Jerry MJ-SD01 (Single Pole PWM Dimmer)


The versatile single pole dimmer by Martin Jerry. No secondary MCU to contend with so you can easily control the buttons to do almost anything you want. There's no template needed when used with TASMOTA as it built right into the Configure Module selection screen. PCDiem as done a great job at documenting all the features he's packed into the device software here.

Need a 3 way version? Use this model with other dimmers/switches utilizing TASMOTA Device Groups

Martin Jerry sells the switch in both the Tuya Smartlife model or TASMOTA Pre-Flashed. Pre-Flashed is the way to go!

Purchase TASMOTA Pre-Flashed via Amazon

digiblurDIY Video

Tasmota Template

None necessary. Tasmota GUI -> Configuration -> Configure Module -> PWM Dimmer (73)
issue a Module 73 command on the Tasmota Console.

GPIO Layout

GPIO00Button 3Up button
GPIO01Button 2Down button
GPIO03Led_i 4Dim Level 5
GPIO04LedLink_iRed Status LED
GPIO05Led_i 3Dim Level 4
GPIO012Led_i 2Dim Level 3
GPIO013PWM 1Dimming level
GPIO014Led_i 1Dim Level 2
GPIO015Button_i 1Power button
GPIO016Relay_iDimmer power and Dim Level LED 1 and Blue Status LED

TASMOTA Settings

setoption73 0Should already be defaulted to off to allow the buttons to function
setoption59 1Report light state changes via MQTT
dimmerrangeSet as necessary based on the bulbs used


ESPHome YAML Config

None yet.


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