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Smart Ambiance Light SAL001S

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Thanks to Caleb for this awesome tutorial!

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#f03c15 3/31/2022 - This device has a secondary MCU and a Beken chip. We will swap in ESP12F Chip and clip off the secondary MCU because it won't be needed.


GPIO Layout

GPIO02ESP12F LEDOn board LED of the ESP12F chip
GPIO03NoneData pin for LEDs
GPIO12Encoder Pin 1Encoders far left pin
GPIO13Encoder Pin 3Encoders far right pin
GPIO14Encoder SWEncoders push button switch pin

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Additional Hardware

You'll need to buy yourself an

ESP32C3 12F 4MB Chip

If you want to use the rotary encoder on the back you'll need a voltage logic level shifter due to the board having 5V supplied and the ESP chip only tolerating 3.3v on it's pins



Pre-Flash ESP12F

Chip Flashing

alt text

Let's start by just flashing a normal release of WLED by visiting the web installer of WLED.

If you want to use the encoder on the back you'll have to compile WLED with the encoder usermod and flash that binary.

To setup VSCode/Platformio to compile visit here

Details can be found here

Here is a sample of the platformio_override.ini file used

default_envs = WLED_SAL001S

board = nodemcuv2
platform = ${common.platform_wled_default}
platform_packages = ${common.platform_packages}
board_build.ldscript = ${common.ldscript_4m1m}
build_unflags = ${common.build_unflags}
build_flags = ${common.build_flags_esp8266} -D WLED_RELEASE_NAME=SAL001S -D USERMOD_ROTARY_ENCODER_BRIGHTNESS_COLOR
lib_deps = ${esp8266.lib_deps}

After you build/compile the code it'll show up in the directory build_output/release/WLED_VERSION_SAL001S.bin Feel free do the manual firmware OTA in the wled web ui /settings/sec?

Open it

Drop it like it's hot

Drop it on the floor. Don't throw it but drop it and the two halves will pop open.

alt text

Remove the two screws in the middle of the PCB and pull the board out.

Detach the power wires and the board should come free and you'll see the chips on the back and the LEDs on the front

Desolder un-needed components

Add Leaded Solder

Get some leaded solder and melt some on the existing pins of the WBR3 chip

alt text

Heat em up! Pull em off! RAWHIDE!

Now use your hot air tool, soldering iron, or heat gun to remove the chips

alt text

alt text

Solder new stuff

Now we want to solder the needed jumpers and chip back on


Use some solder wick and clean up the pads where you pulled the WBR3 chip from, this will allow the ESP12F chip to sit flat on the PCB

Place the ESP12F on the board and solder it into place alt text

Data Pin Jumper

The secondary MCU used to drive the data pin of the LEDS. We removed that chip and need to jump a wire from the where it connected to our ESP12F chip

alt text alt text

Ground Pin Jumper

With the secondary MCU removed we need to re-attach to the ground properly. Take a small piece of wire and solder like shown here

alt text

#f03c15 If you're not using the encoder you can stop here and re-assemble the unit and move on to the WLED settings section.

Logic Level Shifter Board

Feel free to use any color wires you'd like.

ESP12FLLC-LVLLC-HVBoard Component
GPIO12LV1HV1Encoder Pin 1
GPIO13LV2HV2Encoder Pin 3
GPIO14LV3HV3Encoder SW

alt text

Adhere the board with some double sided adhesive

ESP12F to LLC Board

Wire up the 3.3V power and ground

alt text

Here is a pic of the jumper wirings going to the ESP12F chip

alt text

Components to LLC Board

Wire up the 5V power and ground

alt text

Here is a pic of the jumper wirings going to the ESP12F chip

alt text

WLED Settings


/settings/leds?Maximum Current2500 mAThe power supply provided can do up to 2.5 amps
/settings/leds?LED1 TypeWS281xMain lamp LED type
/settings/leds?LED1 Color OrderRGBMain lamp LED color order
/settings/leds?LED1 Length37Main lamp LED count on the face of the lamp
/settings/leds?LED1 GPIO3Main lamp LED GPIO pin
/settings/leds?LED2 Length1ESP12F single LED
/settings/leds?LED2 GPIO2ESP12F single LED GPIO pin
/settings/leds?LED2 InvertedcheckedESP12F single LED turned off by default
/settings/leds?Relay GPIO-1Need to change this from the defaulf of 12

Encoder Usermod

This section is only needed if you've wired up the encoder as shown above