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DrChop Corner Floor Lamp

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#f03c15 1/03/2023 - This device has a realtek chip. We will swap in ESP32-C3-12F Chip


GPIO Layout

GPIO3IRInfrared receiver
GPIO5Button 2
GPIO21LEDs48 LEDs in length BRG color order
GPIO18Button 1
GPIO19Button 0

Additional Hardware

You'll need to buy yourself an

ESP-C3-12F Chip

ESP burner

Pre-Flash ESP-C3-12F

Chip Flashing

Our ESP Burner isn't designed for use with the ESP32-C3 in particular but because they are both the 12F format it will work. It will require for use to a few jumper wires. You can see which pins to apply here in this diagram:

alt text

We want to flash WLED onto the chip but because this is an ESP32 chip you need to flash the factory firmware image then use wled

Compile WLED

To setup VSCode/Platformio to compile visit here

We need to comment out or delete this line in

Line to ommit because we need to use GPIO pin 18 and 19:

    if (gpio > 17 && gpio < 20) return false;     // 18-19 USB-JTAG

Here is a sample of the platformio_override.ini file used

default_envs = WLED_drchop_corner_lamp

board = esp32-c3-devkitm-1
platform = ${common.platform_wled_default}
platform_packages = ${common.platform_packages}
framework = arduino
board_build.partitions = tools/WLED_ESP32_4MB_1MB_FS.csv
upload_speed = 460800
build_unflags = ${common.build_unflags}
lib_deps = ${esp32c3.lib_deps}

After you build/compile the code it'll show up in the directory build_output/release/WLED_VERSION_drchop_corner_lamp.bin

Pre-Compiled WLED

WLED-0.14.0-b1 with GPIO pin 18 and 19 enabled

Use ESPtool to flash it to the memory spaces 0x0

Instructions here write_flash 0x0 wled-0.14.0-b1-esp32c3-4m-gpio1819enabled.factory.bin

Open it

Pry the back open

alt text alt text

Desolder un-needed components

Add Leaded Solder

Get some leaded solder and melt some on the existing pins of the Realtek chip

alt text

Heat em up! Pull em off! RAWHIDE!

Now use your hot air tool, soldering iron, or heat gun to remove the chips

alt text

Solder new stuff

Now we want to solder the new chip back on

ESP32 C3 12F

Use some solder wick and clean up the pads where you pulled the Realtek chip from, this will allow the ESP32 C3 12F chip to sit flat on the PCB

Place the ESP32-C3-12F on the board and solder it into place alt text

Reassemble the board back into the case alt text

WLED Settings


/settings/leds?Maximum Current3000 mAThe power supply provided can do up to 3 amps
/settings/leds?LED Voltage12VThese are 12 Volt LEDs
/settings/leds?LED1 TypeWS281xMain lamp LED type
/settings/leds?LED1 Color OrderBRGMain lamp LED color order
/settings/leds?LED1 Length48Main lamp LED count on the face of the lamp
/settings/leds?LED1 GPIO21Main lamp LED GPIO pin
/settings/leds?Button 0 GPIO19Button 0 GPIO pin
/settings/leds?Button 1 GPIO18Button 1 GPIO pin
/settings/leds?Button 2 GPIO5Button 2 GPIO pin
/settings/leds?IR GPIO3Pick your remote type if you have one the lamp comes with the receiver but no remote

3D Printable wall mount

Huge thanks to oldcrazyeye for the wonderful model:

STL Downloads