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Bluetooth Compatible Devices

Updated on: November 19, 2022

Devices the Discord Crew and I have found to be compatible with Home Assistant and ESPHome Bluetooth Proxies

Most of these devices are plug and play auto discovery right into Home Assistant utilizing the Bluetooth or Bluetooth Proxy integration with ESPHome. Need to turn your ESP32 into a BT Proxy? ESP32, ESP32-C3, ESP32 Solo, or use the prebuilt flasher on ESPHome.

Temperature Sensors

SwitchBot Temperature & Humidity MeterTH S1

Xiaomi & Humidity Display Sensor or CloudFree Shop with PVVX BTHome Firmware Settings

Inkbird Temperature & Humidity IBS-TH2

Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer IBS-TH1

Inkbird Pool / Hot Tub Thermometer IBS-P01B

Govee Temperature & Humidity Display H5075

Govee Temperature & Humidity Display H5102


ShopLED 100w Floods - 2 Pack

ShopLED 15w Flood

Zjojo Daisy Chained 4 pack 3500LM Floods


SwitchBot Bot

Mi Flora Soil Sensors

Incompatible Devices

These are devices we've found that DO NOT work with the current BLE/BLE Proxy Integration

digiblur 11/19/2022 iLC LED Flood Light 800W Equivalent
splnut 11/19/2022 iLC LED Flood Light 100W
splnut 11/19/2022 LOLpetik LED Flood Light Outdoor 25W
splnut 11/19/2022 LECLSTAR LED Flood 20W

Have others? Edit the page or let us know on Discord