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iTead has a new 433mhz Sonoff RF Bridge on the way.  The R2 just hit the FCC and internal photos are included! It looks like they are using the same molded case as the the Zigbee Bridge and first revision(s) of the RF Bridge used.  They've dropped that big LED as well.  One thing I'm not seeing is the RF chipset they used this time around.  But I do see the ESP8285 and header pins!  We probably won't see the pins soldered on in the production runs but it is a nice touch that they labeled everything for us and put standard header via holes.  It's almost like they want to continue making money off both sides of the community that use these.  Imagine that, what a concept, make something that sells.

If you've been using your Zigbee bridge with the ZHA integration and don't like some of the oddities of buttons using ZHA Events, etc or simply just want to detach from HA, or even enable support more devices; it's time to jump on over to Zigbee2MQTT.  Previously there wasn't the ability to use Zigbee2MQTT if you were using the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge.  It is currently in the development branch of Zigbee2MQTT if you want to give it spin.  Trust me, it's well worth it!!