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ESPHome Dual Relay Garage Opener - myQ Killer

digiblurDIY Video

myQ newer model garage door openers have these "digital" buttons where you can't just use a relay to act like the button is being pushed to open/close the garage door. I used a spare remote opener to control both of my doors without the cloud and keep it all local and reliable. In a later revision I will also be adding vehicle sensors to determine if a vehicle is parked in the spot for automating the doors opening and closing.


Project Box to fit everything in and keep dust, bugs, etc out of.

Spare Opener (only needed if you have the digital buttons like myQ)
ESP32 Breakout
Dual Dry Contact Relay
Door Reed (screws! no glue or stickers)
Dupont Jumpers
Ferrule Crimp Kit Optional but oh so awesome

And alternative could be done using two Shelly 1 dry contact relays.

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alt text

Open the image in a new tab or download it for full zooming resolution. Thanks to Caleb for the drawing!

Full ESPHome Configuration File in this article.