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Tasmota ESP32 Bluetooth Sensors Blerry How To with Home Assistant

Using the Tasmota #ESP32 Berry Scripting to gather Bluetooth data from various sensors with the #Blerry project - UPDATE below!

UPDATE of Blerry Supports even more sensors!
Xiaomi (Ali) -
Xiaomi -
Inkbird Freezer -
Govee Display -
Switchbot temperature and humidity -
Switchbot door/window sensor -
Switchbot motion sensor -

ESP32 Host Devices
Nodemcu32 -
Linkind Switch -
Twlightlord ESP32 -
Sonoff Dual R3 -
Shelly Plus 1
Shelly Plus 1 (Shelly Store)
Wyze Outdoor -
Wyze Outdoor Check a Local Home Depot!

Tasmota Blerry Project -
Wyze Outdoor Plug - /?p=28
Linkind Switch How To - /p/linkind-esp32-smart-switch-how-to-flash.html
Shelly Plus 1 How To -
Sonoff Dual R3 -
Xiaomi Bluetooth ATC Sensor Project
ESP32-C3 Modules -  
ESP32-C3 (US Ebay Shipper) -
ESP32-C3 #2 -

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