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digiblurDIY Video

SwitchBot has come out with another battery & solar powered product to convert your existing "dumb" blinds into smart blinds. It's installs without any tools and controlled over Bluetooth from the Switchbot Bluetooh hub or right from your phone. Check out the video above to see how it works - to purchase Amazon or from Switchbot for the product information.

digiblurDIY Video

myQ newer model garage door openers have these "digital" buttons where you can't just use a relay to act like the button is being pushed to open/close the garage door. I used a spare remote opener to control both of my doors without the cloud and keep it all local and reliable. In a later revision I will also be adding vehicle sensors to determine if a vehicle is parked in the spot for automating the doors opening and closing.


Project Box to fit everything in and keep dust, bugs, etc out of.

The crew at Home Assistant and ESPHome have done it again! As of the 2022.9 release of Home Assistant you no longer need a USB adapter tied to the system. All the issues of USB drivers, passthrough, etc with the various install types are gone! Small and cheap ESP32 Nodemcus and other ESP32 devices become Bluetooth gateways for Home Assistant to use. YES! you can use multiple proxies if you live in a McMansion to pick up all of the Bluetooth temperature sensors, freezer sensors, and more.

Purchase: ESP32 NodeMCU or ESP32 POE Ethernet or ESP32 M5Stack

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digiblurDIY How To Video

How To

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Make sure Home Assistant is upgraded to 2022.9 or later.
Connect the ESP32 to the computer and visit the ESPHome Blueooth Proxy Install Site via a Chrome Browser

The Martin Jerry Switches and Dimmers are pre-flashed and here! No soldering, no exploits, just take them out of the box and pair them up on the WiFi. Join the 100% local-control cool kids doing TASMOTA Device Groups and many other open-source features. If ESPHome is more of your game, upload your bin file to bring them into right into ESPHome using nothing more than your web browser.

The ESPHome and TASMOTA template information can be found here.

Pre-Flashed Switch with TASMOTA Amazon
Pre-Flashed Dimmer with TASMOTA Amazon