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How To Install Matter Server w/ Docker on Home Assistant!


Home Assistant devs have released an official docker container to install the Matter Server necessary for the Matter integration in Home Assistant. No more building your own container since you don't use HAOS! The Python-Matter-Server repo is available on GitHub. This allows you to integrate the various available and upcoming Smart Home Matter devices with Home Assistant no matter what type installation method you use in your home.

Matter Devices - ( *affiliate
Matter Certified Device List - (

Full Video

Installation Methods

IPV6 needs to be enabled on the network adapter used!


Search for Matter Server in the UnRaid CA Apps store - follow the prompts to install the container and make sure it is set to Auto Start.

alt text

Docker Compose

version: '3'
container_name: matter-server
restart: unless-stopped
- apparmor=unconfined
- /opt/matter-server:/data
- /run/dbus:/run/dbus:ro
network_mode: host

Docker Run

mkdir data
docker run -d \
--name matter-server \
--restart=unless-stopped \
--security-opt apparmor=unconfined \
-v $(pwd)/data:/data \
-v /run/dbus:/run/dbus:ro \
--network=host \