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Zigbee Coordinator Upgrade - ZStack 20221226 Released


Koenkk, the great mastermind behind Zigbee2MQTT and the Z-Stack firmware that runs on the various Zigbee Coordinators, has released a new updated firmware for the CC2652/CC1352 series chipsets. This firmware is for both Zigbee2MQTT and Home Assistant ZHA users. The changelog is as follows:

This update includes the various Ti based coordinators such as the Sonoff Dongle-P, Athom USB/Ethernet, Tubes USB/Ethernet, Zigstar, Electrolama, and others.

Should I upgrade?

The old saying of if isn't broke then don't fix it definitely applies here for the average Zigbee network sizes. I have a mixture of various Zigbee devices of around 50 devices and I've been running this firmware in beta for a few weeks without any issues. I'm using a CC2652P2 based Sonoff Dongle-P USB coordinator with Zigbee2MQTT. Several Home Assistant ZHA users on the Github testing thread have also reported no issues during the beta period. Give it a whirl if you want to, you can always downgrade if you think it is causing issues.

How do I upgrade?

Would you like a video to help walkthrough the processes? If not, skip the video and Jump to the - digiblurDIY How to Upgrade Zigbee Coordinators Page