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Tuya Convert f.0 - Beginners Guide ESP8266 Transplant - TRUE Local Control

How to Easily remove the WB3S, WR3, and other MCUs and replace them with an #ESP8266 module.  Ground up from the tools and techniques to get the job done so you can run #Tasmota, ESPHome, ESPEasy, etc on your device that you paid for!  Keep it local and #GYSOOTC! 

ESP8266 Code Burner (Amzn)
ESP12F (choice)
Hot Air Rework Station (choice)
Soldering Iron (Amzn) - or
Solder (Amzn) - or
Flux (Amzn) -
Toolkit (Amzn) -
Blue Tack (Amzn) -
Helping Hands (Amzn) -

⚡Ready to Go Solutions
Athom Tasmota ( coupon code DIGIBLUR2 ) -
How to do Zigbee -
CloudFree -

How to Flash Tasmota -
How to Flash ESPHome -
Treatlife Indoor Lamp Dimmer (Amzn) - 
Treatlife Dimmer Setup - /?p=41
Reddit WiFi Issue - You'll need to Google that one as I've misplaced it with all these WiFi devices on my desk.

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