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UniFi 6 LR Access Point Review - Wi-Fi 6

I recently swapped my #UniFi WiFi 5 AC LR access point for the WiFi 6 version.  I was going to wait for WiFi 6e but decided against it and was glad I did!  #WiFi6 #UniFi6

U6 LR Specs
AX210 WiFi Client Upgrade

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⚡Notes for further testing and updates 
U5 Laptop Speeds 0 walls - 431/325 (80mhz)
U6 Laptop Speeds 0 walls - 630/837 (80mhz)
U5 Pixel Speeds 4-5 walls - 20/0 to 1
U6 Pixel Speeds 4-5 walls - 77/38

Interesting the upload was always faster on the laptop vs download on the U6. The U6 added significantly more usable real world coverage on the 5ghz band. The impressive part was using a clean DFS 160mhz channel and being able to saturate the 1 gig ethernet uplink to the U6. I bet it could do more if it had a 2.5gb ethernet link. Looking forward to the U6e. 

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