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Amcrest Video Doorbell | Local Storage | RTSP Integration with Blue Iris and Home Assistant

Amcrest AD110 Doorbell integration with Blue Iris and Home Assistant.  I enjoyed this camera and bought myself a 2nd one due to the local control and integration features.  You can also utilize Micro SD card storage as well as Cloud Storage.

Amcrest AD110 Video Doorbell -
Doorbell Transformer (only if needed) -
Coupon Code - DIGIBLUR

Amcrest Installation Video -

Update#2: New Pull Request on HomeAssistant to add the correct motion sensor for the PIR! Hope to see it merged soon!

UPDATE: It's been found by myself and other users after the video launch that the HA Motion Detection binary is from the video itself and is very sensitive.  In my initial testing it was fine during the day while making the video.  If you find yours too sensitive I'd use a NVR based binary sensor such as Blue Iris to trigger it in the meantime until they expose the PIR and Button push.

-=-=-=- Sample Home Assistant -=-=-=- stream:
- host:
name: Doorbell Camera
username: admin
password: yourDEVICEpassword
stream_source: rtsp
- motion_detected
- online

Sample Lovelace HomeAssistant Card
aspect_ratio: 50%
camera_view: live
entity: camera.amcrestdoor
name: AmcrestDoorBell
type: picture-entity

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