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How to Control a Smart Light with a Smart Switch - Tasmota Tips Episode 3

Don't cover up the light switches!  Control your smart lights from the wall and keep the best of both worlds.  Regain your sanity and score a high Wife Approval Factor by learning how to control your smart RGB lights from the wall. 

Teckin SR-41 -
Martin Jerry -

Tuya-Convert Process -
Smart Bulb Comparison -

Rules referenced in the video

rule1 on switch1#state=2 do publish cmnd/BT_TeckinSB50/power toggle endon
rule2 on System#Boot do Var1 0 endon on Switch1#State=3 do add1 1 endon on Var1#State>=2 do Var1 0 endon
rule3 on Var1#State==0 do publish cmnd/BT_TeckinSB50/dimmer 15 endon on Var1#State==1 do publish cmnd/BT_TeckinSB50/dimmer 100 endon

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